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We as a company foresee to achieve critical milestones by bringing German quality in the inexpensive price range for hand tools in India.

At GEDORE, we offer something very special: we produce tools for life. We have the widest range of any European manufacturer and extremely high-quality products. We are innovative and in close proximity to the customer, we manufacture in three continents and market our products in 70 countries worldwide. We work for international market and sector leaders. However, we have our sights set even higher: our vision is for people all over the world to work more safely and more productively with GEDORE tools. It is up to us to ensure whether this vision becomes a reality.

SOLID by GEDORE stands for hand tools which are created by focusing on the areas of improvement taking feedback directly from the people who use it. Backed by experience going back almost 100 years as well as skills, passion and customer proximity in hand tools, the brand knows what demanding professionals and enthusiasts need, combining good product quality with an inexpensive price. The Solid product portfolio is limited to an exquisite list of articles found out by extensive research in the industrial hand tools.

The list contains 137 exact number of articles that are sold across country fulfilling the needs for which it was brought into the market. Gedore Solid is Gedore’s offering for Indian customers who look out for the maximum value from the money they have spent. It is an inexpensive brand that not only stands for its brand and quality but also ensures safety and qualifies all the tests that comes under DIN specifications. The range caters that selective customers who want a quality above the players in the market but fits to their budget as well.

Our perfected products and innovative design illustrate the interest level in the designing safe and comfortable product for the users by virtue of which we as a brand are dependable and trustworthy

Gedore Torque Solutions

Gedore Torque Solutions ( GTS ) ---- HIGH-TORQUE WRENCHES ( From 100 - 54000 nm )

GEDORE Torque So­lu­tions is GEDORE's man­u­fac­turer brand for high-torque wrenches from 100 - 54,000 N·m. As a spe­cial­ist in high-torque screw­ing tech­nol­ogy, GEDORE Torque So­lu­tions of­fers a broad range of prod­ucts: from cord­less torque wrenches, elec­tric, pneu­matic and hy­draulic torque wrenches to hy­draulic power units and test stands.