FW Series Worm Geared Moter

Worm Geared Moter
FW Series main design features are as follows;
  • High durability - The Gear Box body made of high quality aluminum alloy, non-rusting.
  • Superior efficiency & Low noise, because of precise machining.
  • Worm shaft made of case hardened steel for high strength & efficiency, ground machining for excellent finishing.
  • Flexible mounting, wide variety of mounting options.
  • High reduction ratio.
  • Efficient radiator.
  • Elegant appearance.
  • Lubricated for life and maintenance free operation.

FM Seires Moter

Voltage & Frequency:

The motors are suitable for 415 Voltage 10% Frequency 50Hz 5% with 3 phase in star connection. The motors are suitable for 240 Voltage 0%, Frequency 50Hz 5% with 3 phase in delta connection.


The motor insulating materials (Enameled wire, Surface insulation treatments & impregnation type) are provided with class F & temperature rise limited to class B.

FH Series Helical Inline Geared Moter

FH Helical Gear Box / Geared Motor series is a range of inline gear units which is a next generation mechano-electrical integrated product, designed based on the compact modular system.

The FH series Helical Gear units are well known to be the unmatched range of helical geared motors and speed reducers as it is capable of exhibiting optimum torque density, product range, price effectiveness and gear compactness